LDS Blessing Dresses


Courtney Blessing Dress

                                                               LDS Blessing Dresses

I remember with each of my four girls looking in shops to find a blessing gown for them. Being LDS, I didn’t realize what I was really looking for were Christening Gowns. With our first daughter, we found a simple white LDS blessing dress. Being college students, we couldn’t afford much more. But when we held our daughter in that little dress, it was the most elegant, just for her wearing it. Our second daughter’s blessing gown was a little more elaborate. The lace and embroidery seemed to match her little personality. The last two girls ended up with the really nice Christening Gowns. Somehow both fit their personalities. Our little tomboy had the Blessing Dress with the long triangular lace trim, simple and elegant. Our little ballerina’a Blessing Gown ran extra long with ruffles and satin roses.

I’ve always kept my eye out for LDS Blessing Dresses/Christening Gowns and they are getting harder and harder to find. So when I find something worth knowing about, I want to let people know.

Specialties Distribution Center has some of the most beautiful baby Blessing Dresses/Christening Gowns that I’ve seen. There are so mnay different styles. The A-line georgette gown is simple and sweet. The embroidered organza coundn’t be more elegant. All of the fabrics; embroidered cotton, pique, eyelet and organza are beautiful to look at and touch. The lace and trim is of the finest quality.

I hope that everyone out there has an easier time finding the Baby Dress or Baby Gown they are looking for. I am now looking for a ceramic baby doll the same size as a newborn so that I can display my daughters’ little dresses in my living room cabinet. It’s not like having my daughters little again, but it will help me keep the memory.


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